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Please explain…
Zoom, Teams, Skype (does anyone even use that anymore?!) - none of the remote meeting platforms are designed to help presenters who need to share their screen. When you share it, you become even smaller and your screen share dominates the presentation.

So what?
Your audience connection has been lost. Resulting in:

  • A less personal interaction 👎

    Is it really any different from watching a pre-recorded video?

  • Decreased audience engagement 👎
    They’re far more likely to get distracted because the need to be ‘present’ feels less important.

  • Difficulty in gauging audience reactions 👎
    If you can’t respond to your audience’s visual cues it is very difficult to optimise your presentation style.

Ok, so what should I do instead?
Set yourself some boundaries.

  1. Always start and finish presentations without sharing your screen 🏁.

  2. Create regular opportunities to interact and turn the slides off whenever they're not relevant 🙋.

  3. Aim for at least 50% of your presentation to be just you and them ⚡️.

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