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☀️ The Brené Brown Effect: Uncover the secret ingredient to meaningful audience connection

Set an intention to convey warmth in your next presentation.

Do you ever think about how you want to come across when you present?

We often spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to say, but if we want to really connect with our audience, having clarity on how we want to come across is important too.

A brilliant habit to get into before every presentation you deliver is to set an intention. Just ask yourself:

How do I want to come across?

Then see if you can pin it down to a single word. Maybe it’s calm, optimistic, self-assured.

But if there was one word that epitomises the trait that every single world-class presenter conveys - regardless of what they are talking about, it is warmth.

Brene Brown is the master of conveying warmth ☀️. Here’s how you can too...

  1. Give your audience a smile that lights up the room 😃.

    I was once told that we smile 33% of the time that we think we’re smiling (and have since found no science to back this up 😆). But it’s always stuck with me.

    Now, while your facial expression should match the tone of what you’re saying, there are two moments when a smile will always help you to connect with who you’re speaking to... before you start and after you finish - your first and last impressions.

  2. Make it feel personal with eye contact 👁️.
    Our eyes can start a dialogue that words often can’t. I talk more about this in the chapter of Make It Count* called ‘How to look natural when everyone is staring at you.’

    Split the room up into sections and shift your gaze from one section to the next, hold your gaze for a few moments in each. This can help a large room feel small and more intimate.

  3. Connect with the emotion behind your words 💙.

    If you're excited, allow that excitement to shine through your voice. If you're speaking about something serious, let your voice reflect that gravity. Emotionally-connected speaking can make your voice feel warmer and more human.

    When it comes to your voice, how loudly or softly you speak plays a huge role. Lowering your voice helps to convey warmth and intimacy.

Ultimately, connection is about showing you care about your audience. When you intentionally put them first, these things happen naturally, without you having to think about them.


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