Bring curiosity questions into your next presentation

And watch your engagement skyrocket 🚀

Bring ‘curiosity questions’ into your next presentation

What on earth are curiosity questions?! 🤔
Questions that make your audience think.

Best delivered rhetorically, right at the beginning of a presentation. The goal is for your audience’s response to be 'Oooo, I’m not sure' or ‘I wonder where this is going!’

Examples, please… 🎁

Why is Apple so innovative?' Simon Sinek, TED

'What is so special about the human brain?' Suzana Herculano Houzel, TED

‘What makes a presentation memorable?’ Me, at the beginning of almost every workshop I run! 

Sharing examples that happen at TED is all very well, but what about my next team meeting?
Ok, how about this…

For the past 3 months, we have been trying to find an answer to a very important question…

How can we incentivise our customers to stay?'

As featured in my book, Make It Count*

Gotcha! So why do they work?
Three reasons:

  1. While your audience might not have a clear answer, the implication is that you do. This creates a knowledge gap and in turn, builds your credibility. 🦉

  2. They turn your audience from listeners to active participants. When you ask a question they want to know the answer to, they can’t help but become the detectives of your presentation! 🕵️

  3. It makes them far more empathetic to your point of view. Particularly useful if you find yourself needing to share why you've had to make a difficult decision. 🫶

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