What is my presentation’s purpose?

Don't start working on your presentation until you've answered this critical question 🙅

What is my presentation’s purpose?

Isn’t that a bit obvious, Alex?
Actually, I don’t think so. We’re often so focused on just getting the thing done, that we often forget why we’re delivering it in the first place. What’s more, getting clarity on the purpose will help you to:

  1. Keep the focus on your message 💡

  2. Filter the nice-to-know (for wafflers 🧇) from the need-to-know 🏆

  3. Achieve the outcome you’re looking for 🎯

Ok, so what are the types of presentation purpose?
I split them into three types:

1 . The update

Your goal? To manage your audience’s expectations, by making it clear how things are really progressing.
Their gift? Peace of mind if things are going well, and if times are tough, at least forewarned is forearmed.

2. To educate

Your goal? To level up your audience’s knowledge and skills.
Their gift? Relief/Excitement that they are now able to understand or do something they previously couldn't.

3. To persuade

Your goal? To help you help your audience to come to the right decision.
Their gift? Confidence in the decisions they have to make… decisions which you’re likely to be on the receiving end of.

Love it! Anything else?
Bonus Tip: Give every presentation you deliver a purpose statement. That way you always have something to fall back on if your presentation isn’t going to plan! I go into depth on this in my book.*

My job is to (update/educate/persuade) my audience that…

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