🛋️ George Clooney's Secret to Making a Killer First Impression on a Panel

A counterintuitive way to become an outstanding panellist.

A couple of years back, George Clooney found himself part of a hybrid panel on the Graham Norton Show. Within 60 seconds of being introduced, he changed the whole dynamic of the discussion for the better. All he did was this…

Find one thing that impresses you about every other panellist.

Then share it with the audience as your opener.

Most panel discussions sap the life and energy from our souls. That’s mostly down to the format itself, but the moderator and panellists have to bear some of that responsibility too.

That said, if you get invited to be part of a panel discussion, you should grab the opportunity with both hands. They are an opportunity to:

  1. Get noticed - not just by the audience but the other panellists too 👏

  2. Practice communicating your work in a conversational way 🗣️

  3. Get comfortable speaking off the cuff. You can get away with prompts in a keynote, but you can’t on a panel! 🛋️

What’s more, when it comes to panel preparation, many leaders get complacent. And therein lies your opportunity to shine.

George Clooney’s killer first impression in three simple steps:

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