Have your slides become presentation prompts?

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In this week's newsletter, a simple trick to ensure you never have to compete with your slides again.

What do you mean by 'compete with my slides?' 🤺
Well, your audience can't focus on you and your slides; so they have to make a choice. (Spoiler alert, they'd rather look at the slides 😬).

Bit brutal for a Monday, Alex. I guess that's that then... 😔
Not quite. Great presenters use a simple trick to ensure that the audience knows exactly when they should look at the speaker, and when they should look at the slides. Just like the conductor of an orchestra 🪄.

Lead with your words, not with your slides


Presenters often use slides as a crutch. They put the slide up and then, they talk about it.* It's no wonder the audience, hungry to extract the gold from your presentations simply cut out the middle person (aka you!). Used in this way, slides are a connection killer.

Slides aren't prompts they are visual aids.

Used correctly they will make you and your message more memorable. Think of every slide in your deck as an opportunity for a lightbulb moment 💡. Yes, that means 99% of its information needs to go! What will be left behind is the key message you want to convey.*

Your job as a presenter is build up to this point before the slide is revealed. This is what I mean by leading with your words.

Top tip 🎁
Give each slide a trigger word. A single word that signals now is the perfect time to reveal the slide.

This way, your audience will hang off your every word, not your slides. Not only that, the sense of anticipation you've built will be rewarded with a message that lands. (Cue a standing ovation 👏!)

Go get 'em 💪!


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