🌍 Lesson from Davos: How to get noticed on a panel

Ft. Rutger Bregman and Winnie Byanyima

Despite the fact they take up 80% of the conference agenda, most panel discussions suck. They're a poorly masked PR fest that helps events sell more tickets 🎟️. But this panel at Davos 2019 was different. I share this because…

If you can’t stand out on a panel, you’re not ready for a keynote.

It’s why we host a member debate every month in MicDrop - my public speaking community for tomorrow’s thought leaders.

A chance to:

  1. Commit to an opinion 🧠 

  2. Voice it 🗣️, and

  3. Practice challenging and being challenged 🤺

Off the cuff. In real-time. In a supportive space. Out of the public eye. With other speakers who’ve got your back.

Zero prep is required.

The goal?

To give our members the confidence to take a panel by the scruff of the neck and deliver something meaningful.

Just like in this astonishing clip from Davos 2019. Rutger Bregman and Winnie Byanyima take a bow… 🍿

Three things you can take away from this clip…

  1. Use ‘I’ statements to set the tone 🐘
    It’s a way to express a viewpoint without directly attacking or challenging another person’s perspective.

“I hear people talking the language of participation and justice and equality and transparency… but then almost no one raises the real issue of tax avoidance.”

Rutger Bregman
  1. Come into every panel with 3 impactful stories 🧨
    Winnie Byanyima counter-punched the former Yahoo CFO’s question with laser precision. Why? Because she had a story ready that directly addressed his challenge.

    To pull out that story and deliver it with the composure she did takes practice.

  2. Nailing the panel is a critical part of a thought leader’s journey 🎤
    Like them or loathe them, panels are here to stay. Many leaders underestimate them (and wonder why they aren’t landing any keynotes). Don’t be one of them.


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