🌈 Reframe your pre-presentation nerves with this simple trick

Just like TED speaker and activist, Monica Lewinsky

In the hours leading up to her talk, Monica Lewinsky told TED curator Chris Anderson, that she was a nervous wreck. Yet, she went on to deliver one of the most courageous and heartwarming talks of all time.

One of the things she did was…

Write a message at the top of your talk notes

Her message? ‘THIS MATTERS’

Two words that shifted the focus away from her and towards her ‘why.’

It’s a technique that won’t get rid of your nerves (more on that later)…

But it might serve as a timely reminder that how you’re feeling in the moment is insignificant when your talk is something much bigger than you.

When Monica walked on stage, she knew that every single person in the room would have preconceptions about her; so the success of her talk hinged on her opening anecdote.

In this 48-second clip, you’ll see exactly what she said… 🍿

Here’s why it worked…

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