How to make people laugh (and why you should)

When people are laughing they’re listening 😂

So the next time you are preparing your next presentation, ask yourself:

How can I make this more fun?

But I’m not funny 🫤
Because you are NOT a comedian! Sounds obvious, yet it's something we all seem to forget when we attempt to bring humour into the equation. This is important to remember for two reasons:

  1. Your audience isn't expecting you to be funny - this plays to your advantage because it lowers your audience's guard and in turn, increases your chances of getting a positive reaction.

  2. Unlike a comedian, you don't need to have your audience in stitches. Lower your bar! It is highly unlikely that your audience is going to burst into hysterics when you crack your joke. Reframe your expectations - if your joke gets a smile from your audience, it's a joke well told.

So why does it work?
Humour isn't just one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience, it's one of the most effective ways of landing your message.

When people are laughing, they are listening. And when people are listening they can learn.

Dave Chawner, Comedian, TEDx Speaker and MicDrop Masterclass Instructor*

For me, what separates good presenters from the great is the ability to make their subject matter fun. And fun is the gateway to funny.

So where should I start? 🤪
With yourself! Self-deprecation is an incredible way to disarm an audience, whilst showing humility and approachability. Try this…

Identify 3 unique habits, characteristics or experiences
which others might find amusing…

Then find a way to weave them into your next presentation!

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