🏎️ What Netflix’s Drive to Survive can teach us about Data Storytelling

The data tells us who wins the race, but it’s the data story that tells us how they won.

If there is one thing you could do to take your presentations to the next level this week, make it this…

Channel your inner sports pundit.

Alex, you’re starting to sound more like Yoda every week, what do you mean?!
You might have noticed a boom in behind-the-scenes sports documentaries of late… Drive to Survive 🏎️, Break Point 🎾, Full Swing ⛳️, and Tour-De-France 🚵. Netflix are investing millions in them, and we are lapping them up (ok, maybe not Break Point 🥱).

So what?
These documentaries are data stories in disguise. They are proof that when communicated in the right way, data can be exciting. And it needs to be if you want to use it to drive decisions.

The data tells us who wins the race,
but it’s the data story that tells us how they won.

How do I ensure I don’t go into too much detail and overwhelm the audience?

Start with the question. At the heart of every great data story is a question that needs asking… specifically, a question that your audience is dying to know the answer to. That question will ensure you only share the stories in the data that are relevant and meaningful.

I talk more about this in my Data Storytelling Video Masterclass, which you get immediate access to when you grab a copy of my book, Make It Count.*

Can you give me an example?
I’m so glad you asked. One of the questions I am constantly asked by thought leaders in my public speaking community, MicDrop is…

How much should I be charging for my keynotes?

Cue the launch of the MicDrop Open Speaker Fee Project to find an answer. It’s been a fascinating deep dive and we released the findings to those who took part in the form of a Datastory this week. Want to see the data? Reply to this email with ‘show me the data’ and I’ll share it!

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