🎨 How to create presentations that deliver twice the impact in half the time

Rory Sutherland's secret to unlocking effortless creativity.

One of my favourite speakers of all time is Rory Sutherland. I could listen to him for hours - interesting, funny, creative; everything that comes out of his mouth is golden. Why? Because he adopts this one, simple habit…

Keep a content palette of presentation ideas 🎨

If Rory had a presenting superpower, it would be his ability to pluck extraordinary stories and insights out of nowhere and captivate his audiences.

Or so his delivery style would have you believe…

In fact, one of these stories took him from being considered a subject matter expert like many of you into one of the most sought-after speakers in the world 🗺️.

At TED 2009, he shared this 58-second observation about the London to Paris train 🚄…

Relatable, unexpected and funny…

It’s been a trusted ‘set piece’ that he has used in his podcast interviews and conference talks ever since; stored in his content palette so he can pull it out whenever it’s needed.

[I’ve no idea where Rory keeps his, but I keep mine in the notes section of my phone and it works perfectly 📱.']

But where a content palette really comes into it’s own is when you use it to store your untested talk ideas too.

Every captivating presentation contains 4 types of content…

(Screenshot from my phone)

So I’ve broken my content palette down accordingly.

Then, ahead of an important presentation, I skim through, pull out the most relevant bits and plug them into the Speedy Speech Writing Framework which you can find in my book.

Last week, I used this method to create a 15-minute presentation in just 10 minutes - it went down a treat.

It’s hard to be creative under pressure.

It’s also very stressful. Most of us only start thinking about what to say when we have a specific presentation in mind, which is usually at the very last minute.

The result? A presentation that lacks imagination.

Building a content palette of talk ideas will completely transform your pre-presentation experience. It will enable you to create talks that have twice the impact, in a fraction of the time.

But most of all, this habit will make you more interesting…

…in presentations, podcast interviews and even everyday conversations.

Whenever you're ready, here are some ways I can help:

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