🪤 The Feedback Trap: How to protect your presentation confidence

The high-performance habit that will make you a better presenter.

After every presentation you deliver, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how:

1. Confident did I feel? 🙌 
2. Clear was my message? 💡
3. Connected was my audience? ⚡️

Let me explain…
Most presenters tend to take an all-or-nothing approach when reflecting on their presentations…

Either it went well, or it didn’t ⚖️.

Given we are almost always our own toughest critics, more often than not, it will be the latter.

I call this The Feedback Trap.

Imagine for a minute that you’ve been building a nice streak of presentations that have ‘gone well.’ You can feel your confidence improving with each one you deliver.

Then, out of nowhere, you have a shocker.

(And you will have a shocker… we all will).

When that happens, your confidence will plummet and it will feel like you’re back to square one, even though you’re not.

This is why the stakes always feel so high - there is no middle ground.

The high-performance habit
A presentation only ever has three moving parts… There’s you (the presenter), the message you’re sharing and the audience you’re speaking to. More often than not, the most impactful presentations have:

  1. A presenter that feels confident,

  2. A message that’s clear, and

  3. An audience that is connecting to what you’re saying.

By rating these elements on a scale of 1-10, not only are you making your feedback more specific (and easier to act upon), you’re protecting your confidence too.*

So get that new spreadsheet created, start the habit and watch your presentation confidence soar 🚀.

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