🛝 Slides: The single biggest threat to your presentations (until now)

The 1-Second Rule

Every slide should be digestible in a second.

Don’t be ridiculous, Alex - my audience needs detail!
Well, follow up with detail in a PDF afterwards.

They’re not going to read tha… Oh!
Exactly. If it’s valuable enough to read, it’s not worth including anyway. Your audience is after a presentation, not a report and unless you design your slides right, they will overshadow your presentation.

Why’s that then?
Because we’re impatient. We think we’ll get the information quicker by scanning the slide. It seems a far better use of our time than waiting for you to say it.

Any simple slide design tricks you can share?
Of course. This gif is set at 1 second per slide. Here’s a simple way to make your bullet points pop 🎈.

Anything else to add?
Notice how the background’s dark? Not only does it look more professional, but it’s also way easier on the eyes. Grab my book and you’ll get a slide template to get you started 📘.*

Remember slides should complement your presentation not overshadow it!

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Why Slides Might Be Undermining Your Presentation's Impact.

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