🫵 The Authenticity Opener: Get your audience on-side from sentence one!

How to embrace your quirks, even if they break all the conventional public speaking rules.

We've got enough things to worry about mid-presentation than also stressing about whether our delivery style is 'good enough' for our audiences. If you’re someone who tries to conform to all the conventional public speaking ‘rules,’ try this at the beginning of your next presentation…

Empower the audience to embrace your quirks.

We all have presentation quirks. Yet all too often we spend our time trying to suppress them because they don’t fit into the traits that we are told make for great presentations.

The result?

A delivery style that makes us both look and feel (even more) awkward when we have to present.

The other day, I came across a lucrative paid speaking opportunity. So I sent it out to a few potentially relevant MicDrop members and one of them came back to me with this…

So I did. But beforehand, I watched the clip and within 6 seconds, they’d used the word ‘wanky’ to describe the term entrepreneur 🤭!

Their attitude is refreshing.

Most of us worry about living up to the expectations of our audience when we present. Instead, why not empower your audience to live up to your own expectations as a presenter?

That’s what this speaker was doing by sending me the message.

This is about making it ok to show up as you.

Empowering your audience to embrace your quirks will help you to:

  1. Feel more comfortable in yourself 🫵

  2. Be more present with your audience ✨

  3. Deliver your message with sincerity 💬.

And it works especially well if you’re presenting to a group who are new to you.

The secret to this is to set the tone (and your expectations) from your first sentence. For example, if you’re someone who struggles to convey passion, your next presentation could open like this…

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